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The business world rarely witnesses a paradigm shift that enhances customer safety and convenience while at the same time embellishing the company bottomline. Real-Time Safety Solutions has accomplished both through a patented system targeting the ride-share and package delivery industries. If a driver has people, packages, fast food, or groceries to get from one point to another, the Safety Screen can make that delivery safer for the driver, passenger or delivery customer through our patened technology that has gone from concept in 2018 to a working solution.

When our patented technology is used in the rideshare/taxi industry a bright LED screen can be attached to the passenger side visor or side window, with the screen facing outward. When the driver approaches the pickup location, both the screen and the passenger’s phone can flash the same color, allowing passengers to quickly identify the appropriate driver’s vehicle, saving valuable time for both the driver and the passenger. In addition, the screen can display the rideshare/taxi reservation confirmation number, passenger and driver name, or other unique code issued to the passenger. This additional identification information guarantees both the driver/passenger that the correct passenger is entering the vehicle, dramatically increasing safety for all concerned (see video). In addition, all identification information displayed on the screen is controlled by corporate, without the driver being able to modify the information displayed on the screen, eliminating fraudulent intentions.

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Real-Time Safety Solutions

Top Ride-Share Fears For Women:

  • Driver will be creepy or weird.
  • Being sexually assaulted.
  • Driver will drive distracted.
  • Driver will get into an accident.
  • Getting into the wrong vehicle.
  • Will be sexually harassed.
  • Driver will take the wrong route or get lost.
  • Will be hit on by driver.
  • Driver will be drunk or high.
  • Leave behind property.
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  • Protect the Driver and Passenger with the same technology.
  • Single Download Source Directly from the App to the screen.
  • No driver manipulation.
  • Our Technology – Your Data.
  • Easy Automatic and Foolproof.
  • Potential Advertising Revenue.
 Keep Drivers Happy and Riders Safe.
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  • Single Download Source.
  • Driver’s App populates Safety Screen via Bluetooth and WiFi
  • No 3rd-party access.
  • Terminal displays whatever information you choose.
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  • Easily mounts on sun-visor or with suction cups.
  • Prevents accidental boarding.
  • Provides safety for riders and drivers.
  • Visible from 60 yards.
  • Alleviates confusion at busy pickup locations like airports and hotels.

Real-Time Safety Solutions Pedigree

The team at Real-Time Safety Solutions is comprised of a group of entrepreneurs and engineers that have launched hundreds of Marketing Programs and patented products. The Real-Time team has developed programs and products for some of the best-known brands in the U.S., including Fortune 500 companies such as Bank of America, Citibank, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, MasterCard, Charles Schwab, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Kroger, Allstate, Experian, and many more.

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